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Denise Ceballos-Viner, a woman of faith who is not afraid to face adversaries. She is courageous and believes God has called her to rise up for such a time as this. Denise immigrated from the Dominican Republic in the 1970s and fell in love with this country. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, Denise understands the value of family and has worked with thousands of families and children throughout the valley for almost 25 years. 


She finds joy and purpose in serving and advocating for the community. She is married to a Commander of the Phoenix Police Department, which is the root of her support for law enforcement. Denise prides herself on maintaining balance in her perspective, and understands and appreciates the struggles and concerns of our community. 

For the last 10 years she has worked closely with law enforcement helping at risk youth and domestic and sex abused victims. She knows how to bring police and community together. She understands that working together is the only way to help build trust and accountability, while protecting our neighborhoods. 

Denise is known for rallying around a child in need, a mother in need, a young adult in need, a family in need. It is her mission to save the community, and she does this by motivating an army of caring people willing to help. 


Denise is known as Bella by the community that knows and loves her. She is the epitome of a representative for our community. She has rallied, fought for, and is an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Her encouragement empowers every person she comes into contact with. Her vision is to help the community be self sufficient and prosperous. Her motivation is her God given assignment to do good and be good.


She brings in teachers, police officers, leaders, and people of faith, to let others know they have choices…and the needed support to change their lives.


If you know anything about Bella Denise Ceballos-Viner, you know she loves music and dance.

Bella Q Dance Studio became the organization by which Denise turned dance into a tool or mechanism to bring people together and to change lives.

She challenges parents to choose intentionally and become better than what life has thrown at them. A summer dance program for youth turns into a time to provide safety, hope, and life skills, in addition to dance moves and confidence through a final recital.


Denise throws her energy into every project she is a part of.  
She hosts, manages and markets several charity events a year, which she uses to connect community, compassion and culture.  


She knows how to mobilize and motivate all those around her in a mission to join her in building better communities and relationships.

Those who know her are honored to work with her, to be her friend and to be a part of her “storm.”

Remember, I told you she is a hurricane of energy!  Hold on tight!


Call: (602)501-6489

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