for Phoenix City-Council


Our community is in serious need of better leadership. The crime has risen and families do not feel safe. Our law enforcement are overworked, understaffed, and attacked by our current councilmember. It’s time we heal and develop a better relationship of trust between our community and our police.  

Public Safety

Repair trust and respect between law enforcement and us residents.  Provide resources to overcome homelessness, poverty, and stop child sex trafficking. 


Strengthen the middle class and small businesses by reliably executing to a shared vision for our community.  Increase access to opportunity for all through addressing the digital divide and other inequities. 



Unify the community through our great diversity while preserving our shared heritage, based in a strong history of faith, family, and freedom.

Represent the interests of all in our community through protecting your rights and respecting your voice.  No one special interest will outweigh all of our collective interests.

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